Art That Makes a Difference was inspired by the experience of life-long Kansas City residents, Joyce and Jack Hayhow.

In 1977, the Hayhow's son, Brian, was born with a heart defect called aortic stenosis. Without immediate surgery, Brian would die. Children's Mercy Hospital assembled an open-heart surgery team in the middle of the night to perform a life-saving surgery. Today Brian is a husband, father, valued member of the Kansas City business community and the Chairman of Children's Mercy Hospital Ambassadors.

Art That Makes a Difference donates 100% of the proceeds from everything you purchase to Children's Mercy Hospital. Proceeds are equal to the purchase price less the direct costs to print the notecards. There are no overhead expenses, no creative costs and no production expenses. Your entire purchase price (less the printing costs mentioned above) goes to support the profoundly important work of Children's Mercy Hospital.

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